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Structural Layout

Queen of Peace has a vast structural layout aimed at catering for the different programs that we have on offer.

Community Therapeutic Center

This structure caters for the community at large targeted at peoples of all age groups. This is where they receive counseling, stress management, and alcohol detox for alcoholics and substance abusers. It also includes physical fitness programs, sports and recreation for the mental wellbeing of all age groups.

Mental Health Agricultural Homes

This is aimed at the resettlement of patients (elderly) to our farm in Dopton Hwahwa as an initiative to offer agricultural skills training and also a sense of independency as they will get to do things own their own including producing their own food and having a job to wake up to on a daily basis. It is also a good initiative hence we can’t mix the kids and the elderly in one place. For the safety of the children we are forced to put them first so this structure allows us to cater for both.

Queen of Peace Dopton Therapeutic Community Centre

Queen of Peace owns and runs a Rural Rehabilitation Centre (Queen of peace Dopton Therapeutic community Centre) located on a 80.6ha piece of land near Whawha Prison.  The Rural Rehabilitation community facility seeks to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation and life skills training for special needs children both in school and out of school. The rehabilitees are enrolled as referrals from the department of social welfare, Schools Psychological Services mental health hospitals, Zimbabwe prison services and other mental health institutions across the country. The goal being to empower people living with disabilities through various projects; thereby fighting Stigma, discrimination and gender inequality.  Queen of peace is currently housing 47 people with psychosocial disabilities who can be empowered through these projects and can cascade through startups of their own. Currently there is a running goat project that is promoting responsibility, nutrition and income generation for their upkeep.   The proposed project will be implemented at this facility targeting the QPRTC rehabilitees, Whawha community working group, QPRTC community security support group, QPRTC community nutritional garden members and the wider Whawha community members. 

The organization and QPRTC in particular has been working with the above community groups (mainly composed of women, orphans, and care givers of people with mental health disabilities) and HIV positive individuals. The organization’s corporate governance is overseen by a Board of Trustees elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term of 3 yearsThe organization’s secretariat has a staff compliment of 10 (headed by the Executive director) which is responsible for the day-to-day smooth running of the program activities. The organization has a constitution and a policy procedures manual that regulates internal relationships and provides overall administrative policy guidance. QPRCC has livestock projects which serve a dual purpose of income generation and livelihood skills training for rehabilitees. It also involved in sensitization and awareness against substance abuse among adolescents and youth as well as awareness on mental health issues so as to bring this issues out of the shadows. The organization has plans to expand the school mental health program to rural schools targeting children in special classes (special needs children) and capacity building their teachers in terms of life skills and vocational skills training. Most of the children in special classes see themselves spending many years in one grade/level which is a clear indication that there is no adequate resources and capacity in our schools to empower these children in order for then to excel just lie any other child within the school.

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Queen of Peace Rehabilitation and Crisis Centre is a strategic organization that rehabilitates patients with mental health challenges. It provides them with rehabilitation, reintegration facilities and basic life skills.

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